Welcome to the love4Liberia think tank.  The aim is to introduce a framework on the factors necessary to change or transform the Black Republic. The think tank will focus on the history of the West African nation of Liberia as the oldest independent Republic on the African continent as it strives to address the issues that currently plagues it after its two decades of civil war. The goal is to formulate policies that can assist in the restoration of the original intent of the nation which were to foster a society built on excellence where our imagination, inspiration and dreams can be made into a tangible reality.   We envision a collaborate spirit where our assessment and analysis of our history is viewed in proper context to be learned by our children as a basis of a more civic duty to the nation.  “Our African heritage and culture are woven into the very fabric of our being.  We should encourage our youth and our children to embark on a journey that is rewarding as well as self empowering” Moice Ekundayo Dixon


This site is still under construction.  Thank you